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Welcome to “The Jobber: History and Pop Culture Observations from Parts Unknown”

Allan Branstiter is a writer and Ph.D. student studying U.S. History at the University of Southern Mississippi. Currently residing in Los Angeles, California, he is writing a dissertation examining the Civil War and Reconstruction as continental events. He is a veteran of the Iraq War, as well as a former waiter, tar-roofer, youth baseball coach, lumber yard attendant, gas station clerk, pizza artist, and concert hall usher. Allan has also been active in Democratic politics since 2007.

For kicks, Allan also studies popular performances like professional wrestling as a manifestation of working-class culture and ideology, as well as American popular culture and history. He is currently working on several digital history projects and researching various ways of connecting academic history to a wider public audience through online exhibits.

In his free time, Allan enjoys exploring Southern California, watching Buffy with his fiance, reading comics, listening to Springsteen with the windows rolled down, and eating everything Los Angeles has to offer. Much of his schedule revolves around the whims and fancies of his dog, Coco.


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